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posted Nov 06, 2016 16:38:05 by timobrien33
Sworn in

Donald Trump's speech: 16 minutes, 12 seconds. Live #inauguration coverage:
Referred To Himself Only 3 Times During Speech; We 45 Times; You 24 Times. ​It is against Park Service policy to release crowd sizes for events at the National Mall.

President Donald J. Trump...30.6 million for viewership...
Fox News wins out vs all nets for coverage...11.8 million just on Fox News for swearing in ceremony...led total day, daytime and primetime as well...beat NBC, CBS, ABC..beat MSNBC and CNN combined...

Trump is president-elect

Clinton Concedes: Donald Trump Becomes 45th U.S. President ..for history purposes, Podesta came out and sent her party attendees home..only to show up next day and speaks..

Trump won 90% of Republicans. Clinton 89% of Democrats. Trump carried independents by six points.

.@realDonaldTrump won Catholics by 7 points-52-45 ...Trump Won Catholic Vote 52% to 45% #tcot

Donald Trump calls for unity during victory speech

Live video: Hillary Clinton speaks after presidential election loss to Donald Trump - NBC News
see original on

World Leaders Are Reaching Out to Donald Trump Following His Victory

Trump has promised to dismantle Obamacare. What voters think Congress should do with the ACA

UPDATE - Trump on the verge as he flips Wisconsin red...

11.8.16 - Kentucky, Indiana go Trump early on; Vermont goes Hillary. South Carolina and West Virginia is for Trump...Mississippi, Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, for Trum; Mass. New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, D.C. all go for Hillary.

Live timeline and posts.

live results

Polls close in part of Kentucky and Indiana before others...

- - -

Exit poll: Voters want a 'strong leader'

When did people decide: 7% last few days, 5% last week, 13% in October, 13% September, rest before September

The first Florida exit poll numbers have been released.

Trump 55%
Clinton 39%
Johnson 6%

62% of people bothered by Clinton's emails

54% oppose border wall
40% support border wall

Florida's exit poll says that economy is the most important issue at 48%

76 percent believe “the mainstream media is more interested in making money than telling the truth.”

68 percent agree that “traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me.”

Which candidate quality mattered most?

can bring change 38%
experience 22%
good judgement 22%

Cuban-Americans favor Trump by 13% in FLA so far. Turnout is down 37% in Detroit.

UPDATE - - 11.8.16 - 11:21 A.M.

Early exit info: From Politico..Townhall

Asked what characteristic is most important for the next president, 36 percent of voters say they want a “strong leader,” 29 percent want “a vision for the future,” 16 percent want someone who “cares about people like me” and another 16 percent said they want someone who “shares my values.”

Network coverage

Electoral Map




​Stocks have soared to record highs the day after @realDonaldTrump is elected-
Mexico says ready to 'modernize' NAFTA with Trump ...Canada PM Trudeau says ready to renegotiate NAFTA with Trump...
Media bias will step up now...NBC Stokes Fear of President Trump, CBS Discovers Constitutionally Limited Government...Journalist Jonathan Alter Sneers: ‘Decency Lost Last Night’...NBC Fans the Flames of Racial Tensions Ahead of Trump Presidency...Rattled Joy Behar: 'The View' Is the Only ‘Check’ on President Trump!...
President Obama, President-Elect Trump Meet at the White House for 91 Minutes
President Obama and his successor President-elect Trump met for more than an hour and a half this morning in the Oval Office. Prior to this morning, the two men had never met in person. Whether intentional or not, the president-elect started the proc...Read more »
42% of Women; 30% of Hispanics voted for #PresidentTrump ...​@CNN @DanaBashCNN - we are a representative Republic. If you teach them, do it right.


Broadcast nets added up is 40 million, the amount Cubs got for game 7 on one channel. Nielsen’s preliminary primetime ratings (8 p.m. – 11 p.m.), includes ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox (from 8-10), Univision and Telemundo. ABC had an average audience of 9.68 million viewers. CBS pulled in 8.8 million. Fox’s two hours of results coverage drew 4.28 million. NBC had the largest total audience, with 11.97 million. Univision averaged 3.89 million viewers, and Telemundo averaged 2.16 million....Kellyanne Conway tells CBS that Trump missed Obama's first call because he was giving his victory speech

Trump is
45th President
of the United States
When did people decide?

Overall, 71 million...Deadline: an estimated 71.428M people during primetime, across ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, TV One and Lifetime.

Cable - - From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., Fox drew 12.72 million viewers to 11.52 million for CNN and 5.29 million for MSNBC.
Senate Leader Mitch McConnell: We Will Quickly Repeal Obamacare #TheMorningAfter #trumpwins...President-Elect Trump gained 29% of the Hispanic vote, and 8% of the black vote. (Both higher % than Mitt Romney in 2012)...

Mainstream Media Does Some Soul-Searching in Light of Trump Win
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timobrien33 said Nov 07, 2016 22:06:22
Update: 11.7.16...

Trump ahead of early votes that came out for Romney...

Hillary winning among women, likely...

Note: early votes come in and pundits and media assume that because a Dem handed it in, they voted for Hillary. Or a GOP ballot is in, they voted for Trump. Not necessarily. Ballot on election day are not Republican or Democrat - - they are one. The person who took it out may be registered to a party, but come on, many cross over.

And they cannot assume groups are going 100 percent one way.

Seems even the pollsters got swept up into the bias this time around.
timobrien33 said Nov 09, 2016 16:37:48
Trump in wee hours of morning
timobrien33 said Nov 09, 2016 17:19:27
timobrien33 said Nov 09, 2016 18:07:33
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