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Tim's Take - BO and more

posted May 15, 2016 15:42:35 by timobrien33
Here is the truth- George Clooney has not been a BO star as Hollywood would make you believe. His blockbusters come with other stars, for the most part. On his own, his films are often dull. "Money Monster" will be praised simply because he is in it, and so is Julia Roberts, but it will tank. The excuse will be because it is out opposite "Captain America: Civil War." Nice try, it would not do well if it stood alone in theaters. I am not alone in this
..see The Wrap

- There comes a time when we have to realize that a Friday BO result is often deceiving. For example, those Thursday openers get added to the Friday total.
- We are making superheroes out of actors who do not deserve it.

Deadline: Bart & Fleming: Are We Watching A Superhero Film Golden Age Or The Ruination Of Cinema? My view is that it IS ruining it...I am not alone

OPENING SALVO - 'Captain America' - @Timobns UPDATE: some outlets may still have $181.9 million for it. The actuals are $178 million as Mother's Day skewed more female and momas e noted would happen below...BEFORE: It has impressive $75 mil Friday (looking like it will be lower than projections for weekend, however)...some could then say, disappointed (when will superhero fatigue really set in?) I already have it...enough for a few years, but no, more on the way, and right away. They seems to just want fight scenes without much depth...I no longer can tell which superhero film I am watching. I could have sworn I saw this scene in 'Batman vs Superman' - no, make that 'Spider-Man' --maybe it was 'Avengers'. Remember they revise all the time but going in they thought it could possibly do $200 million, domestically, so, BEFORE: 'Captain America: Civil War' Set To Smash $190M+ At Domestic B.O.; Young Guys Snapping Up Tickets ..perhaps it is tracking lower since this is a Mother's Day weekend - plus, Derby was Saturday...not many people will run into the house and scream, "hey mom, want to go see 'Captain America'"? - here are some roses, too. I used to look forward to these, but now I cringe. Oh, here comes another one...
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