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Tim's Take - Prince and more

posted Apr 03, 2016 16:39:47 by timobrien33
UPDATES - of course, original post date was for other stuff...

Did Prince stay up for 154 hours straight?

Moline airport docs heavy blacked out
Stage fright and more perhaps led to addiction...
Prince’s Paisley Park home to become a Graceland-style museum

Prince DEAD at 57
Go behind the scenes with that Super Bowl show that starred Prince

PERCOCET - Prince treated for drug overdose 6 days ago...Multiple sources in Moline tell us (TMZ), Prince was rushed to a hospital and doctors gave him a "save shot" ... typically administered to counteract the effects of an opiate.

TIMOBNS - takes me back to the below about being rushed to hospital April 15...why and what happened????

Questions Surround Medical Treatment Given to Prince After Emergency Landing in Moline @BreitbartNews...“We did have an emergency landing at about 1:15 in the morning on the April 15th,” Jeff Patterson, Public Safety Manager at Quad City International Airport, tells Breitbart News. “It was a call for an unresponsive person. Our officers met the plane, and called for the Moline Fire Department, which transported the person to a local hospital,” Patterson says. “I can confirm it was Trinity Hospital,” he adds.

Prince has been cremated ...private ceremony took place at Paisley Park...there will be a musical celebration later, it seems. .. “A private, beautiful ceremony to say a loving goodbye'... Noel-Schure wrote, “The cause of death remains unknown and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy. An announcement will be made at a future date for a musical celebration.”

Born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis on June 7, 1958...he was the half time show for the Bears vs Indy...
Prince -- Writing Memoirs ... He Seemed to Know Death Was Coming...There's evidence Prince's death was not unexpected,because we've learned the superstar started writing his memoirs just a month ago. Sources connected…TMZ Apr 21, 2016

Prince's rep: “It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson,has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57. There are no further details as to the cause of death at this time.”

#prince Lawmakers mourn passing of legendary musician Prince ...
Celebs Are Mourning Prince's Death ​...

'Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
​​to get through this thing called life.'

Deputies found music superstar Prince unresponsive in an elevator
after they were summoned to his suburban Minneapolis compound
- - -
Medical examiner's office: Prince's autopsy completed at 1 pm CT; body

TMZ: Photo shows Prince leaving Walgreens pharmacy hours before his death ...Alarming
I know there are some industry folk who want to write that "SNL" was a nice tribute to Prince last night. It was not. Just be honest. I am not the only one...@Timobns Shoq ‏@Shoq Shoq Retweeted Pete Farley .@cairdin It was just jaw-dropping awful. I was literally screaming angry watching it. #SNL...I kept waiting for #SNL to show some of the really funny sketches Prince did. Instead, we get 30 minutes of truly awful skits mocking him...Sara Mutchler ‏@SocialSara612 First hour of SNL Prince special (minus all the Fallon rambling) was phenomenal. The last 1/2 hour? Awful.
BEFORE: Prince's place made an emergency landing in Moline, Ill April 15 for a what was described as a bout with the flu...over the last few months he canceled shows, but made them up in Atlanta last week... ​this is an important piece to the puzzle now. SERPAN99 ‏@serpan99 #Prince left #Atlanta 4/14 11:51pm , his N772AV jet diverted & landed in Moline 1:12am, 3h later Prince flew 2 #MPLS...What happened and why? He was spotted coming out of a Walgreens Wednesday night...perhaps he was sicker than he let on. And perhaps he knew and did not want to die on the road. Moline is only about 40-50 minutes by air from his home in Minnesota, so it must have been bad for the plane to stop. TMZ updates. When I worked at Sauk Valley Newspapers, the Quad Cities (Moline, Davenport, Rock Island and Bettendorf) was part of my entertainment beat.

Updated 5.1.16...Prince's personal chef: Singer fought off frequent sore throats, upset stomachs before death

New York PostVerified account ‏@nypost ..His Royal Badness may have used multiple aliases to stock up on pain pills to feed his opioid addiction...The night before his death on April 21, the artist traveled six miles from his Paisley Park home to pick up prescription meds in Minnetonka — passing eight other pharmacies along the way, TMZ said.

- - -

Michael Strahan Leaving 'Live' for 'Good Morning America'
He needs to leave Fox Sports now....I cannot look at him the same on that show since he went lifestyle fluff. His Oscar reports were brutal to watch. "GMA" is fluff lifestyle and when they go hard news, it is so awkward. Besides a cushy paycheck, why anyone would want to work those cheesy morning shows is beyond me.

UPDATE - The new norm is telling people that 12.9 million viewers is good on broadcast TV.."American Idol" used to easily get 20 million and often 30 million a week. So, 12.9 million is a far cry, yet that last one did that number. TV now is lower viewership and that is good, apparently. Shows with 3-4 mil are considered hits. We aren't watching.

'IDOL' FINALE - TV Ratings Sunday: ACM Awards tumble, ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Quantico’ tick up ...11.18 million for show and that is not good, no spin needed. ":Little Big Shots" almost beat it at 11.1 million. Down almost 4-5 million from last year...the duet idea has run its course and so many performances mean they have to outdo the the Grammys..ughh

NCAA FINALE - LAST YEAR'S GAME HAD 28.3 MILLION ON CBS- - If the NCAA added all three channels that aired the championship game last night and it totaled 17.8 million, that is real bad news for them. In fact, 17.8 million on one channel is off 10 million from last year. Last time around it was on CBS (and years before, too). Now, it aired on cable for the first time. It seems to be the trend of taking sports and moving them to cable, pay TV, and the like. Not good for many as they will never get cable or pay TV. Some day the Super Bowl will go from broadcast TV to cable, pay or something else. You will see the popularity plunge, too. Baseball ha done it, and others will follow. NFL Network shows it is going that way, too. Now, to be fair, you need to break out the stations and rate them separately - what was in on TBS, TRU, and TNT? Do not add them together. If we allow that them CNN gets away with rating their debate that way (It was on both CNN/Univision)...sorry, no can do. Break them out...that is th trick they play now...air it more than once on a week and add it up. Or add the number of people who time-shifted in a week.

UPDATE: Ratings, 11.18 million is bad...and lower than last year...too many performances and too much going on.
for here...
Entertainer of the Year
Jason Aldean
Song of the Year
Chris Stapleton, “Nobody To Blame”
Songwriter of the Year
Ross Copperman
Male Vocalist of the Year
Chris Stapleton
Female Vocalist of the Year
Miranda Lambert
Vocal Duo of the Year
Florida Georgia Line
Vocal Group of the Year
Little Big Town
Album of the Year
Chris Stapleton, Traveller
New Male Vocalist of the Year
Chris Stapleton
New Female Vocalist of the Year
Kelsea Ballerini
New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year
Old Dominion
Video of the Year
Eric Church, “Mr. Misunderstood”
Single Record of the Year
Thomas Rhett, “Die A Happy Man”
Vocal Event of the Year
Miranda Lambert Featuring Little Big Town, “Smokin’ And Drinkin'”

The Academy of Country Music Awards are on April 3, 7 p.m. CT/8 p.m. ET - tape delay on the west coast (sorry, spoilers happening all night on Twitter, etc.)



CRYSTAL MILESTONE AWARD – Little Big Town has been chosen to receive the Crystal Milestone Award, which is given to an artist or industry leader to commemorate a specific, remarkable achievement.

ACM LIFTING LIVES GARY HABER AWARD – Carrie Underwood has been chosen to receive the ACM Lifting Lives Gary Haber Award. This new award, named in honor of late ACM Lifting Lives Chairman Gary Haber, was created by the ACM Lifting Lives Board of Directors to recognize a country music artist or industry professional who is committed to serving others, has a generosity of spirit and shows a dedication to helping those in need.

CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Glen Campbell has been chosen to receive the Career Achievement Award.
CLIFFIE STONE PIONEER AWARD – Crystal Gayle, Tanya Tucker and The Statler Brothers have been chosen to receive the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award honoring individuals who are pioneers in the country music genre.
JIM REEVES INTERNATIONAL AWARD – Jeff Walker (awarded posthumously) has been chosen to receive the Jim Reeves International Award, which is presented to an artist or industry leader for outstanding contributions to the acceptance of country music throughout the world.
MAE BOREN AXTON AWARD – Keith Urban has been chosen as the recipient of the Mae Boren Axton Award, which is given to an outstanding individual recognizing years of dedication and service to the Academy of Country Music.
POET’S AWARD – Eddie Rabbitt (awarded posthumously) and Jimmy Webb have been chosen to receive the Poet’s Award, which honors songwriters for outstanding musical and/or lyrical contributions throughout their careers in the field of country music.
TEX RITTER AWARD – As previously announced, Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors has been chosen as the recipient of the Tex Ritter Award, which is given to recognize a movie released receiving significant exposure that featured or utilized country music, during the preceding calendar year. This award will be presented to Dolly Parton during the live 51st Academy of Country Music Awards telecast on April 3rd.

DRUMMER OF THE YEAR: Shannon Forrest

- See more at:
'BATMAN VS SUPERMAN': What the reviews and fan reactions dictate is that there is a disconnect between the critics and those who watch films. Now, those fans may go back and realize their emotions were amped the first weekend. Later, it may prove true that the film is not as good at first emotional look. That happens many times. The first one did had the same feeling. "Man of Steel" was a CGI mess. All superhero films and the like use the same techniques, thus seem the same - and often look too much like the other film. I get it, special effects matter, but they often take over a film and the sequences are too long - and unbelievable. Sure, we must suspend our belief system with certain things, but not have Batman or Wonder Woman doing things they could never do - as humans. Yes, even with certain super powers. @Timobns

TV: I contend that there is too much product on TV now - and too many movies being released. We have no time to digest and enjoy. I like to schedule and watch TV when it is on - not at all hours and anytime. I like watching something that is on and millions are watching it at the same time, yet, they are not in my living room. An event, and something to discuss later. Not on You Tube, Netflix and the like. Too much product has hurt the overall quality and made stars out of people who have no business being in the business.

FEUD: Oh brother...feud behind the scenes here...O'Reilly has the highest rated show in cable news - - Kelly came close once but he is still the top, that is the reality. He also was on their coverage for the first time during a primary. Surely that was spraked by his ongoing beef with Kelly and the attention she is getting. But, since her spat with Trump, she has changed - sniping more and retorts are like that of someone who wants people to like her again - and defensive. Like a child on the playground....Megyn Kelly: I Wish O'Reilly Defended Me More Against Trump..she goes to Fox broadcast net for a celeb interview and that will mark her way out of cable news..she wants to be the next Barbara Walters...#VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly stuns Trump basher Jorge Ramos: “I want a wall. Am I racist for favoring a wall?”

POLITICS: Have you ever been at work and had an idea that was contrary to the people in charge? Or you felt like you did not fit in, despite working hard. But, you do not take part in their games like bdays, parties, etc.? Well, they team up and shut you down and eventually you give up and quit or start playing the game. That is what we are seeing with the GOP front-runner. What we are seeing is the systematic destruction of Donald Trump. The teaming up of those who are used to the old ways of doing business and do not want upstarts getting in the way. It starts with whispers behind the scenes with the PACs and the rich who want their power to stay intact. So, the young GOPers, who write columns and go on talk shows are easily swayed to the promise of power and status. They take the bait and set out to destroy. My question is how do 27, 28 and even a 31 year old get to be that prominent in the GOP? Who gave them a boost and why? Right out of journalism school, you do not get to be one of the players that goes on these shows and are given columns. You need to work the beat and pay your dues. You must learn how to cover things in the real world.

​ We have seen it in the past but not quite like this. We are in the Internet age so it is so obvious it smells more. A reporter charges a campaign manager of assault simply because she was pulled out of the way from touching Trump. When the heck doesn't that happen? Every bouncer at a club does that, too. I have covered many events and have been shoved and once or twice, came darn near close to falling down. My first reaction was that the press can be a bit over-aggressive. Being grabbed by the arm and pushed out of the way is not a big deal. But today it is...the Never Trump crowd is out to destroy him, no matter what. Much like the paid protesters, many are paid to do it. Lewandowski has a court day May 4. Let the process play out, but to level a battery charge here sets up every bouncer now, too. Covering these types of events requires a reporter to get close (she might have gotten too close), but it comes with the job. A presidential candidate with secret service protection is also different. Not wise to get that close, and still, the video shows he is getting her out of the way, not throwing and dragging her to the ground.

Secret Service: Reporter touched Trump first via @MailOnline.. my take has nothing to do with a mole on the arm, bruises, etc. How on earth was she in that position in the first place? She is too young to be given that beat. She is not a good reporter at all. She is pushy to the point of obnoxious, plus it is amateur hour wit her. Perhaps she has has so many jobs already in her young career because she is not that good at the job. It happens. No way to she learn how to be a journalist. There are rules and guidelines you learn along the way, if not in school. How on earth does she get that close to a presidential candidate with secret service protection? She should know better. A press pass is not a GIVEN. They can be revoked and refused. Try getting one to cover the Oscars. It is not simply showing up and doing it. There is a process. And some online places will get a NO first - the top passes go to the established media outlets. Many of us worked for those and then started our own. We did not start online and think we knew it all from the get go. It takes rejection, beat reporting and staying power to make it through the process. Handed a column right out of college is a red flag
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